Petros Wallden Homepage

Dr. Petros Wallden, (in Greek: Πέτρος Βαλντέν)

Research Associate and Lecturer 
University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science (LFCS), School of Informatics

Latest News

  • Preprint: "The Quantum Cut-and-Choose Technique and Quantum Two-Party Computation" E. Kashefi, L. Music and P. Wallden link
  • Preprint: "Unconditionally Secure Signatures" R. Amiri, A. Abidin, P. Wallden and E. Andersson link
  • Published: "Garbled Quantum Computation" E. Kashefi and P. Wallden, Cryptography (2017) 
  • Published: "Rigidity of quantum steering and one-sided device-independent verifiable quantum computation" A. Gheorghiu, P. Wallden and E. Kashefi, NJP (2017)
  • Published: "Optimised resource construction for verifiable quantum computation" E. Kashefi and P. Wallden, JPA (2017)
  • Invited Speaker: Trustworthy Quantum Information 2017 link
  • Invited Speaker: 6th International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics 2017 link
Selected Publications
  • "Robustness and device independence of verifiable quantum computing" A. Gheorghiu, E. Kashefi and P. Wallden, NJP (2015)
  • "Quantum Digital Signatures without Quantum Memory" V. Dunjko, P. Wallden and E. Andersson, PRL (2014)
  • "Quantum digital signatures wih quantum-key-distribution components" P. Wallden, V. Dunjko, A. Kent and E. Andersson, PRA (2015)
  • "A histories perspective on characterizing quantum non-locality" F. Dowker, J. Henson and P. Wallden, NJP (2014)
  • "Realization of Quantum Digital Signatures without the Requirement of Quantum Memory" R. Collins et al, PRL(2014) (Featured in Physics & Editors' Suggestion)
  • "Free-space quantum signatures using heterodyne detection" C. Croal et al, PRL (2016)
  • Management Committee (MC) Member: COST Action MP1006 "Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics" (2012-2015). website
  • Organised: Workshop: "Quantum Information in Scotland" University of Edinburgh, 8th December 2014. website
  • Organised: Workshop: "Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Gravity" Imperial College, London, 24th & 25th of April 2014. website
  • News articles on Quantum Digital Signatures: here and here