Petros Wallden (in Greek: Πέτρος Βαλντέν)

Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science (LFCS),
School of Informatics

  • Member: Quantum Informatics Group, Security & Privacy Group, Scottish Centre for Innovation in Quantum Computing and Simulation SCIQCS, Quantum Information Scotland QUISCO, QI-LIP6 Paris
  • Projects: Quantum Computing & Simulation Hub QCS Hub, Collaborative Computational Project Quantum Computing CCP-QC
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    • Editor: Special Issue on "Quantum Cryptography and Cyber Security" (link)
    • PC committee: ACISP 2020 (link)
    • General Chair: International Conference on Practice and Theory of Public Key Cryptography (PKC), Edinburgh, 2020 (link)
    • Preprint:Quantum Magic Rectangles: Characterisation and Application to Certified Randomness Expansion S. A. Adamson and P. Wallden arxiv (2020)
    • Preprint:Security Limitations of Classical-Client Delegated Quantum Computing C. Badertscher, A. Cojocaru, L. Colisson, E. Kashefi, D. Leichtle, A. Mantri, P. Wallden arxiv (2020)
    • Preprint:Imperfect 1-out-of-2 quantum oblivious transfer: bounds, a protocol, and its experimental implementation R. Amiri, R. Starek, M. Micuda, L. Mista Jr, M. Dusek, P. Wallden, E. Andersson arxiv (2020)
    • Published: Randomized Benchmarking in the Analogue Setting E. Derbyshire, J.-Y. Malo, A. Daley, E. Kashefi, P. Wallden Quantum Science and Technology (2020)
    • Published: QFactory: classically-instructed remote secret qubits preparation A. Cojocaru, L. Colisson, E. Kashefi, P. Wallden ASIACRYPT (2019)
    • Published Methods for Classically Simulating Noisy Networked Quantum Architectures I. Vankov, D. Mills, P. Wallden, E. Kashefi Quantum Science and Technology (2019)
    • Preprint: The Bitcoin Backbone Protocol Against Quantum Adversaries A. Cojocaru, J. Garay, A. Kiayias, F. Song, P. Wallden, eprint (2019)
    • Published: Cyber Security in the Quantum Era P. Wallden and E. Kashefi CACM (2019)
    • Preprint: Advances in Quantum Cryptography S. Pirandola et al (incl P. Wallden), to appear in Advances in Optics and Photonics arxiv (2019)
    • Interview: Cyber Security in the Quantum Era, Part of the review article for Communications of the ACM video (2019)
    • Interview: About Quantum Computers, Part of First Scottish Quantum Hackathon (QuHackEd) video (2019)
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  • Selected Publications (here)
    • QFactory: classically-instructed remote secret qubits preparation A. Cojocaru, L. Colisson, E. Kashefi, P. Wallden ASIACRYPT (2019)
    • Robustness and device independence of verifiable quantum computing A. Gheorghiu, E. Kashefi and P. Wallden, NJP (2015)
    • Quantum Digital Signatures without Quantum Memory V. Dunjko, P. Wallden and E. Andersson, PRL (2014)
    • A histories perspective on characterizing quantum non-locality F. Dowker, J. Henson and P. Wallden, NJP (2014)
    • Realization of Quantum Digital Signatures without the Requirement of Quantum Memory R. Collins et al (incl P. Wallden), PRL (2014) (Featured in Physics & Editors' Suggestion)
    • Free-space quantum signatures using heterodyne detection C. Croal et al (incl P. Wallden), PRL (2016)