Research Interests

My research is currently focused in Quantum Security and Quantum Information Theory. In the past, I also worked in a variety of topics in Foundations of Quantum Theory and Quantum Gravity. Here is a list of topics that I am interested in and have worked on.

(1) Quantum Security:

  • Information-theoretic quantum cryptography (with simple qcomms components):
    • Quantum-Digital-Signatures: security of protocols and implementation
    • Quantum randomness (random-number expansion, amplification, etc)
    • Other crypto primitives & relativistic quantum cryptography
  • Security in Quantum Information Systems (with advanced quantum technologies):
    • Delegated secure quantum computation
    • Blind quantum computation
    • Verifiable blind quantum computation
    • Secure two-party and multiparty quantum computation
    • Quantum FHE
  • Post-quantum cryptography
  • Device-independent quantum protocols

(2) Quantum Information Theory & Quantum Foundations:

  • Testing the quantum speed-up in existing systems
  • Quantum simulation
  • Measurement-based quantum computation
  • Quantum non-locality, steering and contextuality
  • Optimal quantum measurements
  • Quantum Measure Theory
  • Logic and Quantum Theory
  • Time in Quantum Theory
  • Path integral formulations
  • The nature of the wavefunction (ontic Vs epistemic views)