Research Interests

My current research is mainly in the fields of Quantum Computation, Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Information Theory and is divided in four categories (see below). In the past, I have also worked in a variety of topics in Foundations of Quantum Theory and Quantum Gravity.

  1. Quantum Cyber Security (more)

    • Post-Quantum: Quantum Computing implications to Classical Cyber Security (more)

      • Quantum Algorithms (what breaks, changes in sec parameters): FT and NISQ quantum algorithms
      • Quantum Cryptanalysis: Definitions (e.g. Functional Encryption), Proof Techniques (e.g. Quantum Cut-and-Choose)
    • Quantumly Enhanced: Quantum Communications for enhanced Cyber Security (more)

      • Quantum Digital Signatures
      • Certified Randomness Expansion
      • Relativistic Quantum Cryptography
      • Device-Independent Protocols
    • Quantumly Enabled: Cyber Security of Quantum Computing (more)

      • Practicality trade-offs (resources limitations, higher-lower security levels, etc)
      • Delegated Blind (Verifiable) Quantum Computation
      • Secure Multiparty Quantum Computation
      • Homomorphic Quantum Encryption
      • Quantum Functional Encryption
  2. Benchmarking and Verification of Quatum Computing (more)

    • Verification via Blind Quantum Computation (practicality trade-offs; bespoke for specific hardware)
    • Classical Client Verification of Universal Quantum Computation (multiple devices -- non-locality; single device -- comp. assumptions)
    • Classical Emulation for Testing and Improving Hardware
    • Testing and Benchmarking Quantum Simulations (digital & analogue)
  3. Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) Devices (more)

    • Variational Quantum Algorithms for: chemistry, cryptanalysis and fundamental physics
    • Classical Emulation to Benchmark NISQ algorithms and devices
    • Extending quantum verification techniques to variational algorithms
  4. Foundations of Quantum Informatics (more)

    • Non-locality and Contextuality
    • Causality
    • Logic