Course: Introduction to Quantum Computing

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List of Lectures (Year 2018-2019):

  1. Introduction (slides)
  2. Linear Algebra (slides)
  3. Basic Quantum Mechanics (slides)
  4. Entanglement, Non-Locality and Bell Inequalities (slides)
  5. Quantum Gates and the Circuit Model (slides)
  6. Complexity and Quantum Algorithms I (slides)
  7. Quantum Algorithms II: Grover's Search (slides)
  8. Quantum Algorithms III: Shor's factoring (slides)
  9. Quantum Error-Correction (slides)
  10. The Stabiliser Formalism (slides)
  11. Quantum Cryptography I (slides)
  12. Quantum Cryptography II (slides)
  13. Measurement-based Quantum Computing I (slides)
  14. MBQC II & III (slides)
  15. Universal Blind Quantum Computing (slides)